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It feels so good to know you have outstanding visual and communication tools to put your best foot forward. But getting there can feel intimidating...

My passion is working closely with clients to help them achieve a genuine sense of pride and confidence in their businesses. Partner with me to receive unparalleled one-on-one service and custom work designed exclusively for you.


My estimates are based on average projects and allow for reasonable time to be spent on feedback and adjustments. If your scope of work changes beyond my initial project estimate, I will get your approval to proceed. 


expanded logo package

Great for public-facing businesses with a need for a distinct look and feel that sets them apart from their competition. You'll get:

  • an expanded branding package with logo variations to suit every form of signage and communication

  • color scheme and typeface system

  • tagline development and integration

  • brand guide PDF


simple logo with basic collateral

Perfect to get your business started, especially if you are an individual going out on your own. You'll get:

  • a custom typeset logo in black and in color

  • design for business cards, Linked In header, and simple letterhead



billboard site

This basic one-page site will give you a professional online presence. Visitors will learn about your business and services, about you and what sets you apart, and how to get in touch with you. Developed on Wix, these websites are easy to update on your own using a customized how-to guide you will receive at the end of our project. 

We will work with a talented portrait and lifestyle photographer to take a variety of photos for your website and a nice selection of headshots for you to use elsewhere.


This includes the cost of your professional photo shoot with makeup/style assistance, 3 years of Wix website hosting, and a short how-to guide.

brochure site

My "online brochures" are smart, polished yet simple sites that allow visitors to dig in a little deeper about your business offerings, approach and background. They might feature photo galleries, expanded customer testimonials, and more. They're perfect for professionals that want a beautiful way to showcase their talents. Developed on Wix, these websites are easy for clients to update on their own. 



This includes the cost of your professional photo shoot with makeup/style assistance, 3 years of Wix website hosting, and a short how-to guide.

e-commerce/custom-coded sites

I am a brand and communications creative, not an advanced website developer. I use the Wix platform for all of my website design and will kindly refer you to other professionals if you are in need of more advanced services or another website platform.


brand packaging

Once I have created a new logo package for a client, it's natural for us to create collateral that will be useful in their business. The need varies greatly from client to client, but typical examples of collateral are business cards, letterhead, social media headers, presentation deck templates, yard signs, and more. 


billed at my hourly rate

special project collateral

From creative employee communication/gifts to client appreciation cards and invitations, I will help you craft something memorable that is unique to your brand and really stands out.


billed at my hourly rate


creative direction for imagery

High-quality imagery is an important asset that we will create or curate to make sure that your brand assets are the very best they can be.

I include 4 hours of creative direction for imagery in my website pricing. However, if we need to take photos for another project or you would simply like help planning or executing a photo shoot, I am available to help. I can be involved with location scouting, wardrobe recommendations, art direction at the photo shoot, etc. My goal is to make sure that you're relaxed, happy with your images, and that we walk away with exactly what we need.


Cost of photography is billed directly with the photographer. Depending on our needs, expect to invest $1,500, which includes professional makeup, for your shoot.

creative marketing

I love helping my clients come up with creative marketing solutions for customer outreach and client appreciation. We work together to brainstorm, design and package unique mass mailings, invites and branded pieces for parties, and more. 


billed at my hourly rate

communication services

After developing the right brand voice for a client's website or collateral project, they will occasionally ask that I help with their communication projects.   


billed at my hourly rate

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