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I love developing branding and collateral for individuals or businesses eager to have a simple yet polished, professional presence online, when networking, or meeting with clients in person. 

how can I help you?


what sets me apart

one on one service

No forms to fill out, no impersonal communication. I love the process of getting to know my clients and truly understanding their businesses - it makes such a difference in the final product.

capturing the right voice

Many creative businesses rely on their clients to provide all the written copy for projects; they just concentrate on the design. I believe that a critical part of developing a brand includes discovering its voice. I write all of the copy so that it hits just the right tone, is to the point, and captures the feeling you want your business to project.

creative direction for imagery

High-quality imagery is an important asset that we will create or curate to make sure that your brand assets are the very best they can be. If we need to take photos, I love to personally art direct the shoot to make sure that you're comfortable and that we walk away with exactly what we are after. 

an amazing network

I have a "short list" of fantastic professionals that love working with. From photographers and printers to makeup artists and stylists - I have confidence that their work will deliver.

pride in your brand

Expect a heightened feeling of enthusiasm and pride in your brand through the process - it feels so good to watch it all come together!

working together

a call

First things first. We'll have a short call or zoom to discuss what your needs might be and if I can help.

a coffee

In order for me to get started, we'll meet face to face - in person or over zoom. This informal session will help me learn more about your business, your taste, and any ideas you have for your project. As we wrap up, I'll share some thoughts on creative direction, make sure we are aligned, and give you some clear to-dos.

a first look

I'll spend a little time creating some initial visuals to get your feedback. We'll review them via zoom, discuss next steps, and I'll explain anything I might need from you.

the build-out

Once I have the information and elements I need, I'll start creating your custom work.


I'll share my progress, get your input, then will make any necessary adjustments and continue to complete your project.



Our exploratory meeting (our "coffee") will give me an idea of where we are starting and where we want to go. I will provide you with a more accurate estimate for my services once we've had this discussion.

my time

My estimates are based on average projects and allow for reasonable time to be spent on feedback and adjustments. If your scope of work changes beyond my initial project estimate, I will get your approval to proceed.

typical cost by service

To help potential clients gauge cost, I have created a list of my common services and average project investment.

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