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I'm Hillary Kilfeather, the owner, creative director, and principal designer for HBK Creative. With more than a decade of experience directing broadcast design teams at CNN and The Weather Channel, I am a natural leader and collaborator who has a passion for working with people.


I love to brainstorm, problem-solve, and provide a unique, thoughtful approach to every project. Nothing is better than seeing a client's excitement when I share creative that brings their brand to life, surpasses their expectations, and genuinely goes well beyond achieving their project goals.


I am a color-obsessed, right-brained people-person, through and through. Different cultures, new places, and the jaw-dropping majesty of nature all give me butterflies. I am deeply drawn to bright, rich colors - a mural painted on the side of a building, a great abstract hanging on a wall, combinations and patterns in textiles, flowers or food - I feel inspired by them all!


I adored my roles in creative department leadership. I found so much reward in inspiring our talented teams to push their ideas into projects that they were truly proud of.  I believe good department culture is crucial and worked hard to ensure that every member felt like they were contributing to our success in a significant way. 

when i'm not working  you might find me at my favorite dance class, watching one of my kids' games, or fundraising for our local schools. On an extraordinary day, my family might be camping in the mountains or exploring someplace exciting and new. There's also a good chance we might just be at home - I'd probably be putting together a flower arrangement, setting a pretty table, or in the kitchen cooking as we get ready to host friends for dinner. 




  • Award-winning creative director of design with extensive experience in television content and network design

  • Natural leader and seasoned department director and manager, with a strong ability to build and nurture a talented, efficient design team

  • Excellent judgement, problem-solving skills and the ability to quickly resolve unique and challenging issues

  • Exceptional client service and interpersonal skills

  • Fluent in written and spoken Spanish

  • Bachelor of Science in Visual Communications; Bachelor of Arts in Spanish - Ohio University




2013 - 2015


  • Refined the look and feel of live programming after the network overhaul of 2012, so that all content branding and graphics were well executed and polished

  • Oversaw the development of all new live show branding, look and feel of all on-screen information including maps, and some feature/special programming

  • Overhauled the structure and template function of all live programming vizrt products, including lower third banner and fullscreen infographics, working closely with operations and editorial staff for best end result

  • Was heavily involved in studio and set design for live programming, including the look and feel of all monitor fills

  • Helped structure and grow our talented creative team, ensuring that they were motivated to work hard, collaborate with one another, and create great things

In my tenure as Creative Director, I influenced much of the work that was done by our design department. Some of my favorite projects are highlighted below; they also represent work I was particularly involved in concepting, designing, and executing.

For more information about the Weather Underground (WUTV) project, click here.


1997- 2013

DESIGN DIRECTOR, CNNIE Design (most recent position)



  • Oversaw the on-air look and feel for CNN International and CNN en Español


  • Managed a group of 12 designers in a 24 hour work environment

  • Designed and/or art directed on and off-air products including channel identity, feature and special program branding, daily newscast branding and infographics, set design

  • Concepted and oversaw development/implementation of new daily graphic products, working closely with operations and editorial staff for best end result

These are a few of my favorite projects from my later years at CNNIE Design. I art directed all of the animations, developed the concepts for the CNN en Español newsroom/set overhaul, and more. Read more about the newsroom project here.

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